Back 2 The Roots

1st Annual Freedom Bus Tour

Culture, history, authentic education, and ancestral greatness are all words that emerge when depicting the mission, vision, and aims of this monumental initiative. When a collective of change agents came together, they envisioned something much more than a single program. They knew the community demanded much more than a one-off event. They envisioned a life altering experience for the youth of Ohio. It was conceived that the youth needed to be exposed to a variety of history from the Africana Diaspora. From this powerful call to action, The Conscious Connect birthed the “Back 2 the Roots” Annual Freedom Bus Tour.

I’m going to tell my whole family about Black History.
— Danielle, Kindergarten

Through an exploration of the deep cultural traditions, customs, and tales that stem from lineage of The Motherland, youth expand their horizons of possibilities through cultural education. By visiting the iconic National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati, youth are positively engaged outside of the realms of traditional K-12 textbooks; which routinely depict history at the dismissal, expense, and trivialization of the true unaltered history of Africans and descendants of Africa.

Fight when you know something isn’t right.
— Mario, 7th Grade

The “Back 2 the Roots” Annual Bus Tour is more than a mere historic exploration, it is one of cultural empowerment. The youth are exposed to the queenship and kingship of their ancestors as they are propelled forward through a communal call to action for societal contribution in their respective communities. This is a tour of historical roots, futuristic freedom, and optimistic opportunities of what tomorrow can, should, and ultimately will hold for our communities of melanin.

We give a sincere and seismic thank you to Adrianne C. Marshall, our Sponsor of Freedom, for making this vision of Keith L. Marshall and herself come to fruition.