Our Founders

Meet the creative vanguards behind the movement...!!!!


Karlos L. Marshall


Born and raised in the Champion City of Springfield, Ohio, Karlos L. Marshall is an educational architect, street organizer, and cultural innovator. Hailing from the deep traditions of Critical Race Theory, K-16 education, artistic activism and literacy advocacy, he works from a platform of nontraditional pedagogy and community innovation that is centered around urban renaissances and revitalization projects. Karlos earned his Masters of Science in Education from the University of Dayton in 2015, with a specialization in Higher Education. Prior to that, he graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelors of Arts in Philosophy with a minor in Africana and Diaspora Studies in 2013, from Wittenberg University. 

Since 2013, Karlos has been on staff with ArtStreet at the University of Dayton, becoming the first professional staff member dedicated to the Institute for Arts Nexus (IAN), a multidisciplinary experiential learning model for the 21st century student. Karlos serves a key role with creative curriculum design and educational development, as he influences students by enacting principles of applied creativity through critical perspective, creative confidence, and innovative application. 

Through an unflinching passion and conviction for educating children, youth, and young adults, Karlos L. Marshal is becoming one of the most sought after EDUpreneurs in the Midwest Region. With the ability to design programs and mobilize initiatives for early childhood education in urban areas, all the way to commanding collegiate classrooms of privileged audiences, his multifaceted educational arena and diverse skill set to influence, impact, and educate sets him apart from most.   


Moses B. Mbeseha


Raised in an African home as a descendent of Cameroon, but permeated through the coming of age in an American society and community -- Moses B. Mbeseha emerged. As someone who has read most things under the sun concerning the interconnectedness of economics, politics, and social life, Moses is one who is well versed at transforming spaces and conversations around political economies, diversity, and culture. He has used this intellectual foundation along with an unforgettable skill set as a public speaker, fundraiser, and community builder in serving families in financial need. Given this, he has oversaw vast improvements as a Financial Case Manager for Catholic Charities in Altoona-Johnstown diocese, in State College, Pennsylvania, where his collaborative wherewithal and program developments have helped alleviate community needs.

With a strong understanding of cultural dynamics, Moses has dedicated his being to public service; which he mostly credits to his mother. He pursued studies in Political Science and Africana Studies at Wittenberg University, where graduated with his Bachelors in 2013. While in attendance, he experienced a transformative alternative spring break service trip to the Mississippi Delta. This would catapult his social platform of progressive causes upon his return from the trip. From that trip, he knew what he was destined to do from that point forward -- be a change agent for his community. 

Special thanks to those who helped lay the foundation for the organization to become a national leader in urban child-to-youth literacy and community development. 

Literacy Warriors

Literacy advocates are The Soul of this The Conscious Connect as they are selfless in their efforts to mobilize the mission and vision of the organization. 

Adrianne C. Marshall, Literacy Advocate + Sponsor of Freedom

Brian Arnold, Literacy Advocate + Street Mobilizer, B.F.G. Barber Shop