Words on Wheels

Changing the Face of Librarianship

The development of Words on Wheels was established through a partnership with The Conscious Connect, Inc., the University of Dayton's Innovation Center and Haley Tricycles. This cargo book bike capable of carrying 300-400 books is being adapted and modified by some of the best engineering students in the nation for its custom uses. Words on Wheels will provide access to books in large quantities at community events, neighborhoods and street corners. 

Many think that libraries have become a "thing" of the past. We are here to change that notion by challenging the very definition of what a library is, what is represents and how it engages it's community members. Gone are the days that we stand idly by hoping that a child wonders into places with print-rich literature, assuming they have the access and our the means to do so, in the first place. We are committed to taking the library to them — to the streets in creative ways to cultivate a love of reading. 

Why This Innovation? 

30 Million Words — that is reportedly the difference in the amount of words that a child from a low socioeconomic family hears versus a child from a middle class or affluent family by the age of 3 (U.S. Department of Education, 2014). This literary dilemma is commonly referred to as the "word gap." The word gap begins pre-birth and continues to widen until children reach kindergarten and beyond. As passionate and concerned citizens, it is on us to make a difference for the younger generations of today — and tomorrow. Let's engage children from a very young age to cultivate curiosity and creativity.