The Foundation

The Conscious Connect, Inc. 501(c)3 is one of nation's foremost leading organizations dedicated to school-age and neighborhood literacy, as the United States' only know grassroots movement—with the primary aim of ending urban book deserts. The organization reimagines and redevelops underutilized spaces for the purposes of education, culture and peace. 

The Mission

We are 21st Century innovative urban education ecosystem — that creates literary oases in low-to-moderate income neighborhoods and communities to #EndBookDeserts. 

The Vision

To spark a world-class cultural renaissance and neighborhood revitalization movement — by restoring the essences and nuances of urban cultures and communities. 

The Way of Life

"Where Common Thought Meets Uncommon Action" 

The Soul

Thinking Like Scholars  Innovating Like Artists

Building Like Community Organizers & Entrepreneurs

 Standing Up Like Activists!